A Proven Solution

Family God’s Way rigorously tests its platforms. Birth of a Family is no exception. In our evaluation of Birth of a Family between 2007 and 2011, the platform out performed expectations by a two to one margin.  This evaluation involved numerous people and organizations including:

  • Seven pregnancy resources centers
  • Over twenty churches
  • Five funding partners who sponsored Birth of a Family implementations
  • Dozens of leaders
  • Hundreds of Family Coaches and Participants

A part of our service rich support includes helping life ministries:

  • Carefully adapting Birth of a Family to fit their unique situation
  • Develop leadership
  • Enlist, equip and engage new volunteers
  • Track performance
  • Increase in-kind and cash contributions


Measuring Effectiveness 

In order measure the effectiveness of Birth of a Family, we created systems and tools to measure it. One of our tools were clients surveys.  During our four-year study, when people began participating in Birth of a Family activities, we asked them to complete a short, one page survey.  We asked people to share with us what their fundamental approach to building family was.  Some time later, after people completed a substantial portion of Birth of a Family group activities, we surveyed them again and discovered that over half of the respondents indicated a shift in their beliefs and dispositions from un-biblical models for family to a Biblical model. 


Value added

Some source place the current value of a volunteer's time at $22.55 per hour. In our experience serving life ministries, Birth of a Family has added significant value through new volunteer engagement.  in many of the situations we have experienced, volunteer involvement has doubled. 


Before and After

For example, before implementing Birth of a Family, a typical smaller pregnancy resource center might log about a thousand hours of volunteer time annually.  After implementing Birth of a family seven new volunteer opportunities were created, any or all of which men could fulfill.  These contributions of time these people made through Birth of a Family accounted for roughly 800 additional volunteer hours. At $22.55 per hour the value of volunteer time in this case increased from roughly $18,000 to over $30,000.

That's not all.  These new volunteers impacted the lives of life ministry clients and new and profound ways that will extend for generations.  That's priceless!


Male Involvement

Another metric Family God's Way has tracked is male involvement. We anticipated men might be less enthusiastic than women about Birth of a Family.  In the early stages of implementing Birth of a Family platforms this has sometimes been true.  Over time, male involvement improves significantly.  

Quote from a male participant in Birth of a Family

"When I first heard about the program, I just knew this was not for me. I was not going to fit in. This was not going to work. But after the first day (meeting) I said, 'Hey, why not try it? It doesn't seem that bad.' As time went on, I actually got into it. I was excited about it. It was nothing like I thought it would be...  I love this program! It turned everything around. It made me see things in a totally different way."