People Say

Cookie Says...

“I just wanted to let you know we finished up another Birth of a Family class last night and seven people accepted Christ.  Think about the impact of that, is that awesome or what! I wish I could see your face when you hear this.”

Couples Say...

 “It was very positive and we couldn’t wait to go.”  

 “Thank you for being the role models that we both needed at this stage of our lives. Your work is a clear reflection of God’s love for people no matter what their circumstance.”                     

“We were struggling financially, spiritually and in all kinds of different ways.  We were looking for a way to get out of the bondage we were in.  We were looking to learn what a Biblical family  is supposed to be like.  So now we’re becoming Family Coaches. It’s good to give back some of what I learned and in just a year’s time the way we’ve changed is more than a miracle.” 

 “The advice means the world to us when our own family seems not to care what happens to our marriage.”          

 “Through Paul and Karen (anonymous)’s mentoring we came to see we were not breaking the cycles we grew up knowing.  They truly helped us change what we wanted and needed to             change.”

 “This class provided much needed guidance for us as we are newly married and becoming parents for the first time.  We are now spending more time praying together and seeking God’s will   and purpose for our lives and our soon to be born daughter.”

Women Say...

 “At the beginning I wasn’t really open about religion and God.  Now I’m so openly willing to put everything in his hands.  I pray almost every night”                 

“The class was awesome.  The time went too fast.  I’m putting God as #1.

 “The program is very good for the Family Coaches and the clients, it does bring you together.”            


Men Say...

 “When I first heard of the program, I just knew this is not for me, I’m not going to fit in, this isn’t going to work.  But after the first meeting I thought, ‘Why not try it, it doesn’t seem that       bad’ and as time went on I actually got into it and was excited about it.  It was nothing like what I thought it would be.”                 

“Amazingly I learned to understand family and relationships.”  

“I love this program! Before, we were on a downward spiral and I mean fast. It turned everything around.  It made me see things in a whole, totally different way.”     

Family Coaches Say...

 “The program is fantastic. Now my wife and I put more faith in God and how our family should function.  We hope to coach again and give it a 10+ rating out of 5!

 “The value of coaches is outstanding in every way.”

 “The class has been a huge blessing to our marriage and lives in general.

 “I feel much more confident now in stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching out to others!  Thanks to Birth of a Family.”

 “It’s a wonderful program. I’ve seen difference made in people’s lives.  It works.  It might not work for everybody but it does work and if we can help one child to have mother and father       together then it worth the whole thing, anything, any amount of money, anything.” 

Facilitators Say...

 “The experience of leading the Birth of a Family class has been very fulfilling.  God has touched our heart through this.  When we were making our decision to move forward (as facilitators)   the enemy threw doubts and roadblocks in our way.  The week we were to make our decision our pastor preached on being called to ministry and carefully discerning God’s will from the attacks of the enemy. Thank You Lord for that sermon!”

“Thank You God for the Joy Birth of a Family has brought to all of us.” 

“The input and sharing from our couples has touched our hearts in ways we will remember forever.”

Life Ministry Leaders Say...

 “A Woman’s Choice has had to the opportunity to work with Family God’s Way for more than a year now through their Birth of A Family Program. In our experience we can offer nothing  more than completely positive support for their programs and their staff.  As a partner with them in ministry, and a student of their methods for promoting and teaching family, I offer my  full support for their organization, their staff, and their request for this grant. I am confident that any funds they receive will be used wisely to continue the good work God has called them  to do, which will have a lasting and eternal impact on the men, women and children in our communities.”

 “Brian and Niomi came to Choices Women’s Center facing an unplanned pregnancy and were being pressured by family members to have an abortion. They were overwhelmed with fear and     joy when their ultrasound reveled twins and they are planning on becoming a family.  They will be attending our Birth of a Family classes and hope to be married in the near future.”

 I highly recommend Birth of a Family to any pregnancy resource center, at any stage in their growth process.”  (Director of a new life ministry)

 “As Executive Director of this pregnancy resource center I desired a program that would involve the fathers of our client’s babies. The idea was to teach these new parents or parents-to-be     how to establish a biblical household and in the process learn life skills that would encourage good communicating and parenting. We have seen excellent results as we have observed these   parents apply to their lives and their children’s lives the things they’ve learned. We have attended a number of weddings that have resulted from these classes.”

 “Birth of a Family focuses on the fundamental issue, not dozens of different topical subjects.”

 “(We) would like to extend our gratitude to the (anonymous) Foundation for the substantial donation to fund our Birth of a Family and Men’s Mentoring programs.  This generous support         will make it possible for us to influence these young families for Christ as we break unhealthy cycles and change the course of history for hundreds of families.”

 “We are excited to share that in September, thirteen couples completed or Birth of a Family class! That was our highest class participation for couples since starting the program two years       ago.”

 “Within an hour of an initial visit, senior pastor Phil Stephens of said “yes” to the call of our Lord to shepherd the Birth of a Family program in Lakeland.   Within a few weeks of that meeting     they hosted a Family Coach training, graciously providing lunch for a record 27 in attendance. “

Pastors Say...

 “I have experienced first hand the positive impact that Family God’s Way has on individuals and on groups.”

 “The material seems to apply to everyone regardless of the level of spiritual maturity.”

 “When you get to be my age, and have been in churches as long as I have, you’ve seen all types of programs to be the ‘fix’.  I must admit, I am not much of a joiner and had mixed                   emotions.  I know what the Bible says about my role as a father and husband.  Boy was I surprised.  Even though my children are grown, I was very impressed with the practical application     of the Word of God.  This put wheels on the Word of God for me in ways I never would have thought.”