Interested in Birth of a Family? Request an intial consultation.  It's free.  There's no obligation and no pressure. We only want to offer Birth of a Family where it is a good fit and where God is leading.

Request References

There are a number of life ministry leaders and pastors who would gladly share their experiences with Birth of a Family.  Let us know and we'll have someone contact you. 

Plan your Implementation

We understand a decision to commit is substantial.  If you aren't sure you are ready to start now, we would be glad to help you plan your Birth of a Family implementation strategically.  No purchase is necessary until you are ready. 

Purchase Now

Perhaps you are ready to start now.  

  • Purchase the manual and get familiar with Birth of a Family
  • Contact us for a free consultation. We will develop an implementation plan that works well for you. 
  • Consider engaging Family God's Way as your Birth of a Family Consultant. We will devlop a package that serves you well and begin seeking sponsorship and support for your Birth of a Family implementation.