Birth of a Family Resources


Birth of a Family Platform Manual

Birth of a Family was created especially for use in life ministry. Our manuals include detailed explanation about every step involved in implementing Birth of a Family in a pregnancy resource center, church or both.



The first section of the manual builds the case for joining life ministry and family ministry. Real stories illustrate how life ministry leaders followed their dreams and use Birth of a Family to:

  • Address root causes
  • Complete family circles with fathers
  • Promote life long marital commitment
  • Increase male involvement
  • Engage the Body of Christ
  • Interrupt the generational cycle of abortion



The second section of the manual provides step by step instruction about building a sustainable Birth of a Family platform. Each life ministry is unique. No two are exactly alike. Birth of a Family is designed to be customized to compliment virtually any life ministry in the world. In the manual an actual example is used to illustrate how Birth of a Family is adapted and the tangible value that can be added to hosting organizations.



The third section of the manual explains the facilitation of Birth of a Family group activities where life ministry clients interact with platform leaders and Family Coaches serving as mentors and role models. Delivery concludes with dozens of testimonials from life ministry leaders, pastors, Family Coaches and participants.


Course Guides

Course Guides have been created especially for Birth of a Family and have proven to be exceptionally effective in Birth of a Family group activities. Course guides are not curriculums. Rather, they are discussion guides that navigate to tipping points where participants can self initiate changes in their core beliefs and learn to build lasting nuclear families.

Many of the course guide segments use supplemental resources that are included in the Birth of a Family Toolbox. been in effective use for many years and provide content for Birth of a Family group activities



The Birth of a Family Toolbox is a digital collection of resources designed especially for Birth of a Family. Tools include:

  • Development Tools such as site surveys, need assessments and databases
  • Delivery tools such as course guide supplements and evaluations
  • Training resources and movies


Web Application

The web application is designed for use online and offline. With a user name and password, the manual and related resources can be accessed online where an internet connection is available or downloaded, saved and printed.

Periodically the web application is updated and existing users will automatically have access to updated versions of the web application.



Family God’s Way offers service-rich, customized support to life ministries and churches implementing Birth of a Family platforms. Birth of a Family host organizations are required to engage in some level of consulting with Family God's Way. As creators of Birth of a Family, their expertise is unique and valuable.

As consultants, Family God's Way helps host organizations find sponsors to invest in the implementation of their Birth of a Family platforms. To date, more than 80% of of those efforts have been successful

Family God's Way Consulting extends far beyond just Birth of a Family. Family God's Way has been engaged to assist with board development, strategic planning, leadership training, prayer events, engaging the Body of Christ and as event speakers.


Family God’s Way can help you:

• Develop your Birth of a Family platform

• Enlist, equip and engage new volunteers, in-kind and cash support

• Increase male involvement

• Engage the Body of Christ